Mechanobiology & Design

Clinical Anatomy, Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Device Design

Clinical anatomy, biomechanics and orthopaedic device design focuses on advanced studies of musculoskeletal structure and function to improve the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with genetic diseases, congenital deformities, traumatic injuries, cancer, arthritis and other degenerative conditions.

Congenital Limb Deformities and Hip Dysplasia
Improving surgical treatment and design of new prostheses to treat infants and children with limb deformities and hip dysplasia. (Caird, Craig)

Elbow, Wrist and Finger Biomechanics
Improving surgical reconstruction techniques to enhance tendon and ligament reconstruction and nerve regeneration. (Lawton, Ozer)

Foot and Ankle Biomechanics
New treatments for ankle arthritis, ankle instability and arch reconstruction. (Holmes)

Hip and Knee Biomechanics
Improving the treatment and enhancing surgical interventions for patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis, cartilage injuries, impingement and ligament tears (Bedi, Blaha, Goulet, Halstrom, Urquhart, Wojtys)

Limb Perfusion and Transplantation
Development of a long term limb profusion system to enhance the replantation of amputated limbs and improve the availability of viable limbs for transplantation (Ozer)

Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement
New treatments for patients with osteoarthritis and design and fabrication of hip, knee and ankle prostheses. (Blaha, Halstrom, Holmes, Urquhart)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta
New treatments for patients with brittle bone disease. (Caird, Kozloff)

Sarcomas and Metastatic Bone Tumors
Improved diagnosis and treatments for soft tissue and bone sarcomas, bone metastatic disease and healthcare informatics. (Biermann)

Fragility and Frailty
Preventing and treating sarcopenia and osteopenia, restoring tissue strength and minimizing functional disability in patients with frailty and fragility fractures. (Ahn, Hake, Perdue)

Improving the surgical treatment of infants and children with scoliosis, and the design of new prostheses to correct spinal deformities in children. (Caird, Craig, Hensinger, Li)

Shoulder Biomechanics
Designing new therapies and improving surgical techniques for the treatment of patients with rotator cuff tears, multidirectional instability and glenohumeral bony defects (Bedi, Carpenter, Hughes)

Spine Biomechanics and Fracture Fixation
New surgical techniques for minimally invasive treatment of disk injuries and improved stabilization of spinal fractures. (Aleem, Patel)

Trauma and Fracture Repair
Improving the mechanobiology of fixation and regeneration in skeletal trauma. (Ahn, Alford, Hake, Hankenson, Jepsen, Kozloff, Perdue)