What Our Residents Say

Why did you choose to come to U of M for your training?

The residents are happier here by far than any other program I interviewed or rotated at. I wanted to have a challenging but enjoyable 5 years. This program accomplishes that better than anywhere else.

The people! Everyone is awesome, and it is truly an amazing environment to train in

Great relationships between residents and attendings, tremendous exposure to all subspecialties, and unique opportunity to train at a busy academic medical center as well as a busy community hospital right down the road

It's an incredibly well-balanced program in all aspects. There is a great work-life balance - everyone works hard but enjoys their life outside the hospital. The training is balanced across all specialties and you can be set up for success in whatever sub-specialty you choose to pursue. The environment is diverse with exposure to the main university hospital, children's hospital, VA, as well as a community hospital. Most importantly, the people are phenomenal and a joy to work with every day.

The people. I fit with the residents I met on interview day better than any other program. Everyone was happy and friendly.

Mix of large academic and private practice experience, Ann Arbor.


What is the best thing about the program?

Being able to train at a prestigious academic medical center while also getting training and exposure to a busy community hospital with attendings who really want to train residents.

We have a collegial group of faculty and residents who all work hard together to make our education the best it can be.

Breadth of experience. All subspecialities, high volume community hospital rotations, and a VA.

Everyone is genuinely happy to be here. Everyone feels responsible for contributing to the success of this program and it's residents. Whatever you need or want to accomplish in your career, someone here will know how to help you achieve that goal...and then they'll help you achieve it.

The best thing about the program is the people here. They have taught me the skills that I need to know to be a successful and competent surgeon in the world.

Team first attitude.

My favorite thing about the program is the people. Even as a new intern, I have already been welcomed into the program by residents, APPs, and faculty. Having a great support network will be so important as I go through training, and I am confident that I can build that here.

Great hands-on experience, supportive staff


What is your favorite part of living in Ann Arbor?

Very easy place to live and very family friendly

I love all of the outdoor activities and local park systems, the craft breweries, and great restaurant scene!

The trees! Being in such close proximity to dozens of parks, trails, and nature preserves makes it so easy to get outside. Also, I love the college town atmosphere - going to sporting events on the weekends is one of my favorite things to do in my free time.


How has the program prepared you for your future career?

We receive great exposure to all sub-specialties and would feel more than comfortable in a general practice if I chose to do so after residency. There are tremendous opportunities outside of clinical activity as well, but these aren't pressured on residents. Additionally, the faculty are well connected across all fields and are great mentors and resources for the next phases in our careers