Rotation Objectives

Advanced M4 Orthopaedic

  1. M3/M4 outpatient objective 
  2. Present a 15-minute discussion of some aspect of orthopaedic trauma at the end of the rotation.a. Evaluation and possible treatment of open fracture of the tibia.b. Evaluation and treatment of hip dislocation.c. Discuss difference in etiology, prognosis and treatment of intertrochanteric and subcapital fractures of the hip.
  3. Present one trauma case to each Saturday conference.

Objectives – M3/M4 Outpatient Rotation

  1. Become a more complete physician. 
  2. Be able to perform a complete musculoskeletal history and physical exam. 
  3. Understand the basic concepts of musculoskeletal imaging.
    What studies to order when and for what reason.   
  4. Be able to evaluate a 60-year-old male with back pain/with neck pain. 
  5. Be able to evaluate a 16-year-old girl with acute painful swollen knee. 
  6. Be able to evaluate a 5-year-old boy with a limp. 
  7. Be able to evaluate a 50-year-old woman with foot pain. 
  8. Be able to evaluate a 60-year-old female with right wrist pain. 
  9. Complete and write up two history and physicals each week and present them.