Medical Student Education

M3/M4 students taking the inpatient clerkships may choose from the following rotations:


This service provides exposure to the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic, congenital and acquired, musculoskeletal conditions in children under the age of 18. There are both clinics and surgical cases daily. There are four residents and four attendings.


This service offers an extensive surgical and outpatient exposure to both acute musculoskeletal trauma and secondary reconstructive procedures. There are four residents and three attendings.

Adult (Blue Team):

This service provides an exposure to a wide variety of upper extremity traumatic acquired musculoskeletal conditions. A rotation with the orthopaedic oncology service is also possible. There are three residents and four attendings.

Adult (Maize Team):

This service provides an exposure to the subspecialties of joint reconstruction, spine, and foot and ankle, both in the operating room and clinic setting. There are four residents and five attendings.


There are five attendings and four residents. Experience in the operative and non-operative treatment of sports injuries is available. The clinics are held offsite (MedSport – Domino Farms), and you must provide your own transportation.

Note: Students can elect to spend the entire clerkship on one service, or spend 2 weeks on 2 different services.

Clerkship Director

David M. Walton, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Foot and Ankle