Dr. Emily Levin

Emily Levin, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery


Dr. Levin was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 2002, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.  She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine with her Doctor of Medicine.  Following completion of her surgical internship and residency in Neurosurgery at the University of Michigan, she completed a fellowship in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at the University of California, San Francisco.  While in San Francisco, she received specialized training in the surgical treatment of movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonia.  She also focused on surgery for treating epilepsy and pain.

Dr. Levin has a particular interest in the use of technology to improve outcomes and the patient experience during Neurosurgical procedures.  She brings expertise in the use of LITT (Laser interstitial thermal therapy) for the treatment of epilepsy.  This is often used for patients with MTS (mesial temporal sclerosis) and HH (hypothalamic hamartomas).  It is a newer, minimally invasive procedure that usually only requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

She is also an expert in the use of intra-operative MRI for asleep placement of Deep Brain Stimulation electrodes.  This allows for patients with Parkinson’s disease or Dystonia to remain asleep throughout the entire surgery, opening up this surgical option to patients who would otherwise be unable to tolerate awake surgery.  This technology is now available at University of Michigan.

Dr. Levin holds a joint appointment with the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Medical Center. There, in addition to practicing as a general neurosurgeon, she is the co-director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Center, the only one in the Midwest for the VA system.

Clinical Interests

Movement disorders surgery, epilepsy surgery, trigeminal neuralgia treatment, spasticity surgery, neurosurgery for pain, spine surgery, and neurosurgical resident education.


Medical School

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2006


Neurosurgery, The University of Michigan Medical School, 2013


Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, UCSF, 2014

Published Articles or Reviews

A list of Dr. Levin's recent publications is located here.