SHARE is an NIH-funded behavioral intervention project that represents a collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Diocese of Corpus Christi. SHARE is a primary stroke prevention project which targets lifestyle change through a culturally-sensitive, faith-based multicomponent intervention. Churches are randomized to intervention or control groups (who receive a delayed intervention) and enrolled in astaggered fashion. A one-year intervention consisting of self-help materials, motivational interviewing, tailored newsletters, and social environmental change is implemented.


Principal Investigators:
Diocese of Corpus Christi:
  • Bishop Emeritus Edmond Carmody, DD
  • Mary Welch, RN, PhD
Project Manager:
  • Emma Sais, BA
Corpus Christi Field Office Staff:
  • Himanshu Pundir, BS
Community Advisory Board:
  • Monsignor Mark Chamberlain
  • Rosie Garza, RN
  • Monsignor Michael Heras
  • Teresa Martinez, RN
  • Monsignor Morgan Rowsome
  • Mary Welch, RN, PhD


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