BASIC Sleep Apnea Projects

Project Titles 

  • The epidemiology of sleep apnea in a bi-ethnic stroke population. (R01 HL098065)
  • Sleep Apnea Health Disparities in Mexican American Stroke Patients. (R01 NS070941)
  • Nocturnal rostral fluid shifts in stroke patients with sleep apnea. (R01HL123379)
  • Sleep apnea after stroke:  Implications for screening and treatment. (R01HL126700)


The University of Michigan Stroke Program investigates multiple aspects of post-stroke sleep apnea in patients in Corpus Christi, Texas.  (1) An NHLBI-funded ancillary study assessed the frequency of sleep-disordered breathing after stroke, and the relationship of this sleep disorder to stroke outcomes. (2) The NINDS-funded sleep apnea study is designed to investigate health disparities related to sleep apnea in stroke patients. (3) An NHLBI-funded ancillary study investigates the association between nocturnal rostral fluid shifts and sleep apnea severity. (4) Finally, an NINDS-funded longitudinal, population-based study of sleep apnea and stroke outcomes is performed to improve the identification and management of important sleep apnea after stroke, provide critical data to plan future clinical trials, and explore a potential target to reduce an important ethnic health disparity.

Sleep Study Staff

Principal Investigators:
  • Morgan Campbell, MD
Project Manager:
  • Erin Case, BA
  • Melinda Cox, Dr PH
Sleep Technologist:
  • Garnett L. Hegeman, III, RPSGT


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