Neuro-Oncology conducts clinical research focused on primary brain tumors and complications of cancer. Our research includes therapeutic clinical trials and neuroimaging studies. Key collaborators include physicians in the departments of Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology and Radiology.

Clinical trials include protocols for chemotherapy with radiation, radiation-sensitizing drugs, immunotoxin therapy administered directly into the brain by convection-enhanced delivery, and experimental chemotherapy.

Neuroimaging studies focus on the effects of radiation on the brain and diagnosis of radiation injury by MRI. Dr. Larry Junck helps to organize clinical trials through the Southwest Oncology Group, a leading national consortium for cancer trials, and some trials are offered through that group. 


Neuro-oncology is not a specialty that can be undertaken by a single department or practitioner. The well-being of our patients relies on the expertise of physicians from many different backgrounds. Within our Neuro-Oncology Program, there is a wealth of Neuro-Oncologic subspecialty expertise within all of the involved disciplines.