Yim, Eunji

Eunji Yim, MD

Adult Neurology, Class of 2022


Undergraduate school: Duke University

Graduate school: Case Western Reserve University

Medical school: University of Cincinnati

A very short biography:
Eunji was born in Seoul, South Korea, moved to the States at the ripe age of 16 months, made a few early childhood memories in Boston, and then subsequently spent the rest of her secondary and college schooling years in Triangle of North Carolina. Her family then decided to uproot after 22 years in America and made the (challenging) reverse trans-global move back to Korea, for which she happily tagged along to spend a gap year. But while gallivanting around Seoul, she discovered Oliver Sacks and his curious book, Musicophilia - and this planted a little seed. Eunji carried this little seed with her to the Midwest, specifically, to Cleveland, for graduate school and the seed took root (in a lesion localization lecture, of course). When she moved down to Cincinnati for medical school, it found the courage to sprout (thanks to a 14 week-long introduction called “Brain, Mind, and Behavior”), and bud over the next few years. One glorious Match Day, the hopeful bud blossomed into a flower. So off to Ann Arbor she went, with a new lily in her hand.

One interesting personal thing we should know about you: Forever chorus nerd, classically trained soprano, ex-member of collegiate a cappella group, self-professed karaoke diva. In shorter prose: I love to sing.

Theme song: Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9