Movement Disorders

The Movement Disorders Program offers fellowship opportunities for clinical and research training. There is a 2-year clinical fellowship that takes advantage of the large and varied clinics within the Department of Neurology at Michigan.

The goal of this clinical fellowship is an intense exposure to the full spectrum of Movement Disorders and related clinical problems. The clinical fellowship focuses on rotations through the Movement Disorders clinics supervised by faculty of the Movement Disorders Program at the University of Michigan Health System and the Ann Arbor VA Health System. Additional clinical experiences include rotations through:

Clinical research opportunities are available, particularly for second-year fellows.

Movement Disorders Program faculty are involved in a broad array of research related to movement disorders, including clinical trials, imaging studies and basic laboratory research. For individuals interested in pursuing careers primarily as researchers, including both bench and clinical research, training opportunities focusing on research are available under the direction of individual Movement Disorders Program faculty. For individuals pursuing careers primarily as clinicians, a clinical training program appropriate to trainees' specific needs is developed in conjunction with the trainee's faculty sponsor.


Movement Disorders Fellowship application requirements: CV, personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation (one of which is from a program director or chair), and an application.

Regarding visa issues, you must be one of the following:  a US citizen or a permanent resident (green card holder).  All applications must be received by January 30th for the following fellowship year.

For more information or to apply for a position in the fellowship, please contact Joyce Gordon at 734-936-1808 or at or Dr. Praveen Dayalu at

Movement Disorders Fellowship Program Director

Praveen Dayalu, MD

Praveen Dayalu, MD

Thomas H. and Susan C. Brown Early Career Professor of Neurology
Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology