Becker, Ben

Ben Becker, M.D.



Undergraduate School: Illinois Wesleyan

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Residency: University of Michigan

I grew up in Lisle, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The son of two accountants, I looked for anything to do besides discuss tax law. I took my mediocre running talents to Illinois Wesleyan University for undergraduate, and after a year in Baltimore Maryland, I met my lovely partner. I then started my medical training at Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina. I was ecstatic to return to the mighty Midwest after my time on the east coast. After interviewing with the well-rounded, collaborative, and outgoing Neurology Department at Michigan, I knew this would be an excellent place to train. Since arriving, the warm and welcoming Michiganders have taken me in as one of their own. While I am still working up the courage to go to a Wolverine game, I am very excited train and take care of the people who call SE Michigan home. 

Fun fact: My pets have only been named after either famous female scientists or the 90's Bulls team

Your theme song: Daylight - Matt and Kim