John S. McReynolds, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Areas of Interest

I am retired and no longer have a research program. Previously, my research was on the functional organization of the retina -- how different types of retinal neurons interact synaptically to process visual information -- using intracellular recording from single neurons in the salamander retina.

Selected Publications:

Cook, P.B., Lukasiewicz, P.D. and McReynolds, J.S. "GABAC Receptors Control Adaptive Changes in a Glycinergic Inhibitory Pathway." J. Neurosci., 20: 806-812 (2000).

Cook, P.B. and McReynolds, J.S. "Lateral Inhibition in the Inner Retina is Important for Spatial Tuning of Ganglion Cells." Nature Neuroscience, 1: 714-719 (1998). Cook,

P.B., Lukasiewicz, P.D. and McReynolds, J.S. "Action Potentials are Required for the Lateral Transmission of Glycinergic Transient Inhibition in the Amphibian Retina." J. Neurosci., 18: 2301-2308 (1998).

Cook, P.B. and McReynolds, J.S. "Modulation of Sustained and Transient Lateral Inhibitory Mechanisms in the Mudpuppy Retina During Light Adaptation." J. Neurophysiol, 79: 197-204 (1998).

 Ball, A.K. and McReynolds, J.S. " Localization of Gap Junctions and Tracer Coupling in Retinal Muller Cells." J Comp Neurol, 393:48-57 (1998).