M.S. Program

Applications for the Class of 2024-2025 are open and will close on May 15, 2024.

Beginning in the Fall term, this program is designed for students who wish to earn an M.S. degree and plan, after program completion, to pursue one of the following:

  1. Application to a health profession's program such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, or physical therapy
  2. Application to a doctoral degree-granting program
  3. Employment in a research laboratory in academia or industry, or other related profession

Students will choose to pursue either:

  • An intensive, course-oriented track that will prepare the student for the rigors of health professional graduate programs


  • An intensive, research-oriented track during which the student will spend their time in both classes and a research laboratory, allowing the student to explore their interest in research and prepare them for a health professional graduate program or the workforce

The program begins in late August or early September: Coursework Track students complete the program by the end of June; Research Track students finish as late as mid-August. 

  • If a Research Track student arranges to start in their laboratory prior to the Fall term, they may be able to complete the program earlier. Examples of early start dates for research are July 1 (may then be finished by mid-June) or August 1 (may then be finished by mid-July).
  • If any student (Coursework or Research Track) plans to matriculate into a Health Professional school immediately after our Program (in the Summer), we work with them to ensure a timely completion of our Program’s requirements.

See the “FAQ” section for more information.

This program considers applications on a modified rolling admission basis. Some decisions will be sent out following each review*, but the class will not be filled until all completed applications have been received and reviewed. Please note the following deadlines:

1) In order to be considered during the first review, ALL MATERIALS must be received by 9:00am on Monday, February 26, 2024.
2) In order to be considered during the second review, ALL MATERIALS must be received by 9:00am on Monday, March, 25, 2024.
INTERNATIONAL applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application by this second review date (March 25, 2024) in order to ensure immigration arrangements are completed in a timely manner.
3) In order to be considered during the third review, ALL MATERIALS must be received by 9:00am on Monday, April 22, 2024.
4) In order to be considered during the final review, ALL MATERIALS must be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. May 15th is the final deadline. No new materials will be accepted after May 15, 2024. Updates to previously submitted materials are always accepted.

Application instructions for undocumented and DACA students

*Please note: Early submission of the application does not guarantee an early decision. The earliest decisions may be received by mid-March. Acceptances, denials, and waitlist notifications following the final review will be received by late-June.

Link to important resources and documents for applicants to download (Dropbox)