Catrina Robinson, PhD

Catrina Robinson, PhD

Medical University of South Carolina
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Areas of Interest

Understanding the Impact of Diabetes and Obesity on Brain Function

Dr. Robinson is focused on understanding the impact of metabolic disorders on both normal and pathological brain aging. Metabolic risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol alters brain function and have negative consequences on learning and memory. These factors likely induce changes in various pathways years prior to any noticeable symptom. The goals of her research are to identify these early changes in order to develop novel therapeutic targets to delay or prevent disease progression. She is particularly interested in the impact of diet on cognitive function, Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression, and stroke recovery.

Honors & Awards

  • Graduation Marshal for the Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University, 2007
  • Conference Scholarship, Keystone Symposium, 2011-12
  • MUSC Recognized Research Innovator, University Research Council, 2015-18
  • Butler Williams Scholar, National Institute on Aging, 2016
  • Recognition of Valuable Service, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2017
  • MUSC Excellence in Diversity Award, College of Graduate Studies, 2020


  • BS, Laboratory Technology, Auburn University, 2004
  • PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Auburn University, 2007
  • Fellowship, Neurodegeneration, University of Michigan, 2008-11

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