January 6, 2022

Can a Defecation Posture Modifying Device Correct an Abnormal Balloon Expulsion Test in Chronically Constipated Patients?

New study in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology!

Evacuation disorders are common among chronically constipated (CC) patients who fail to respond to laxatives and are typically diagnosed by anorectal manometry (ARM) and/or balloon expulsion testing (BET).1,2 Recently, there has been emerging interest in the use of defecation posture-modifying devices (DPMDs) to improve constipation symptoms, presumably by replicating the physiologic benefits of squatting on stool evacuation, such as straightening of the anorectal angle and relaxing the pelvic floor. However, the ability of DPMDs to normalize anorectal function in adult patients with CC has not been studied.