Ayshwarya Jagadeesan

Ayshwarya Jagadeesan

Application Programmer Analyst Senior

 300 North Ingalls Building, Suite 1161D


Ayshwarya Jagadeesan is an Application Programmer Analyst Senior in the Department Of Learning Health Sciences. In this role, she supports the technical development of a precision feedback service. The precision feedback service uses a knowledgebase containing a library of message templates and models of feedback interventions to process clinical performance data for the generation of messages that are actionable and motivating. Her work is mostly to develop Application Program Interfaces, Web applications, and data integration. She supports the development of message tailoring knowledge in the form of computable knowledge objects that are managed in the platform developed by the knowledge grid team. Additionally, she does software development, data mining, or scripting activities in support of the research and service mission of the department. Ayshwarya has a Master's degree in Computer Science At the University Of Texas Dallas, a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the University Of Texas Austin, and a Bachelor's degree in  Electronics and Computer Engineering in India. Prior to joining the Department Of Learning Health Sciences Ayshwarya worked in Parkinson's Disease research lab at Michigan Medicine and UMTRI

Ayshwarya enjoys reading, dining out, and teaching programming and software design.

Areas of Interest

  • Areas of responsibility: Software Design, programming, debugging and documentation in the context of iterative, collaborative software development, applying Agile methods to help manage complexity, including the following:- Implementing and integrating Application Program Interfaces with clinical performance and quality reporting platforms to bring about a precision feedback system as a scalable service;-Developing techniques and scripts for efficient program logic and data manipulation and providing multiple formats to interact with data(eg. HTML, XML, FHIR, JSON). Configure or modify complex information systems, including analysis of business and user needs, documenting requirements, and liaising with technologists to revise existing systems and workflow steps as necessary. Participation in daily stand-ups and routine design and development meetings liaising with a diverse group of representatives within the department and from the various technology support organizations on campus.
  • Subject-matter expertise: Software Development methodologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, Mobile app development, and Data science

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