Research Rounds

The Department of Internal Medicine Research Rounds is a disease-focused discovery science series created to promote disease-based multidisciplinary investigative units focused on enhancing impact. This quarterly conference is a thematic mini symposium with an open discussion for faculty and staff.

Past Rounds

THEME: Multidisciplinary functional assays of drug sensitivity for precision medicine in muscle invasive bladder cancer and brain metastases

  • Sofia D. Merajver, MD, PhD - Introduction: Integrated multidisciplinary vision for precision oncology
  • Phillip Palmbos, MD, PhD - Translational challenges in muscle invasive bladder cancer
  • Nathan Merrill, PhD - Functional assays of drug sensitivity from patient material for precision oncology in bladder cancer & brain metastases
  • Aaron Udager, MD, PhD - Integrative multi-omic molecular determinants of bladder cancer subtypes and tumor evolution
  • Aki Morikawa, MD, PhD - Leveraging interdisciplinary precision medicine for brain metastases
  • C. Ryan Oliver, PhD - Precision, prevention, and therapeutics of brain metastases using engineered devices

THEME: Sharing Ideas for Potential PO1 on Vascular Aging and the Development of Aortic Aneurysms

  • Daniel R. Goldstein, MD - Introduction: role of mitophagy and inflammation in vascular aging
  • Nageswara Madamanchi, PhD - Mitochondrial oxidative stress regulates cellular phenotypic changes in aging and aneurysms
  • Morgan Salmon, PhD, MBA - Vascular aging and senescence in aortic aneurysms