Clinical Research Infrastructure

Michigan Medicine's Clinical Research Infrastructure

Michigan Medicine's clinical research infrastructure is strong and is focused on six key strategies:

  1. Foster a culture that values, rewards, and supports clinical trial activities.
  2. Develop a coordinated, sustainable infrastructure that supports operational excellence throughout the life cycle of clinical trials.
  3. Develop a highly trained, innovative, and skilled workforce, including those who initiate and those who conduct clinical trials.
  4. Translate Michigan Medicine discoveries into clinical trials.
  5. Fully integrate the clinical trials enterprise and the clinical care delivery system.
  6. Demonstrate the value of clinical trials to patients, families, and society.

Department of Internal Medicine's Focus on Clinical Research

In addition, the Department of Internal Medicine has strengthened their pre-award services. Seven Clinical Trials Support Units were created to optimize the department's ability to conduct clinical trial research and to become a true leader in providing meaningful findings that can reshape the clinical care of our patients. Also, having highly specialized personnel helps investigators and their teams with administrative tasks so they can dedicate more time to performing the actual scientific and research components of a project.

 Clinical Research Internal Resources