Inpatient Care

When it comes to working with “real” patients, our residents not only experience the unique patient care within a state-of-the-art tertiary care center like the Michigan Medicine Hospital, but will also spend time in the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital which complements the clinical experience tremendously. 

Michigan Medicine Hospital

  • Major tertiary care referral center for Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Indiana, but also a community hospital for Ann Arbor and surrounding areas
  • Focused subspecialty services combined with broad general medicine exposure

Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital

  • VA referral center for the entire region, but also serves the local veteran community
  • Broad general medicine exposure (including ICU)

Inpatient Service Model

Guiding Principal: The optimal inpatient experience includes specialty experiences balanced with general medicine and critical care exposure.

Maximize Time for Education
  • Resident Assistant Program – Designed to help teams with non-medical patient care tasks. At Michigan Medicine Hospital each service has a resident assistant that performs clerical and other support tasks for the team. At the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital, a care coordinator rounds with each team to assist with similar support tasks with a focus on transition to the outpatient setting
  • Inpatient Service Caps designed around education
    • Admission and Census Caps – Determined based on educational goals in terms of patient exposure
    • Interns’ census capped at maximum of eight patients at UH and VA Intern admissions capped at 5 per long admitting day or night shift Senior admission and team census caps in place as well
    • Average daily census for interns typically ~ five-six patients
  • Subspecialty Services - In addition to General Medicine services, residents at the University Hospital rotate on the Cardiology, Gastrointestinal/Hepatology and Hematology/Oncology inpatient services, which offer opportunities to work directly with fellows and attendings in these fields on a daily basis.

Patient Care Technology

  • Michigan Medicine Hospital
    • MiChart: EPIC based with mobile access
      • Shared best practices in templates
  • Ann Arbor VA Hospital
    • CPRS - Nationwide integrated system (labs, notes, etc.) with online order entry. Digital radiology accessible from any computer
  • Inpatient teams carry phones to help coordinate care
  • Online resources and mobile apps (UpToDate, DynaMed)