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Why Clinical Research Is Important

Clinical research is vital to advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Through clinical research, we are able to discover new treatments that are effective in slowing or reversing diabetic complications, resulting in an improved quality of life for people with diabetes.

The team discusses working together towards their goal of finding new therapies to prevent diabetic complications. Also, two research participants talk about their experiences participating in clinical trials.

Why Patients Volunteer for Clinical Research Studies

Learn More About Their Disease

Volunteer Roxann Fatchett-Harrington is making a difference in diabetes research by participating in a Michigan Medicine clinical study after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 17.
"I feel very fortunate that I got into the study. It set me up for a lifetime of good care. I learned the best way to take care of my diabetes." - Roxann Fatchett-Harrington

Helping to Advance Knowledge About Their Disease

Volunteer Mike Tokai knows that type 2 diabetes is a very complex problem, because he has it. And he is making a difference by participating in clinical research studies to find new drugs to help with the disease.
"I'm part of a team... I think it's everybody's responsibility to do what they can and not to be counting on the other guy to be doing it for them. We're all in this together! And the way we're going to get out of it is together." - Mike Tokai

How to Participate in Clinical Research

Contact Us

Contact one of our clinical research coordinators to learn about our current clinical trials and studies.

Find Specific Diabetes Clinical Research Studies

Use the below links to find diabetes clinical research studies for which you may qualify. Healthy subjects without diabetes are sometimes also needed.

Listen to and read stories from our patients to learn what it's like to live with diabetes.