2022 National Hospitalist Day

A Message from Interim Division Chief, Dr. Robert Chang

Robert Chang, MD

Dear friends,

Today is National Hospitalist Day, celebrating hospitalists across the nation, and right here, in our division.

I admit, I sometimes feel a bit cynical about holidays. There’s a holiday for virtually any cause. However, when I look at what hospitalists have done - what WE have done here at Michigan - and look ahead at what we’ll do, it feels…Right to have a day for us.

We remain the vanguard, the main army, and rearguard for COVID care in the health system. Our teams staff moderate care when needed, transition entire services to and from our hospital to meet the demand. Every major intervention related to inpatient care requires hospitalists – improving sepsis measures, blood transfusion appropriateness, priority discharge, establishing “hospital at home” programs, to name a few. We have the most sought-after educators in the health system who are defining resident and medical student curriculum and routinely winning teaching awards accordingly. We serve in key leadership roles at the VA, St. Joseph’s, Chelsea, Michigan Medicine, and in UMMG, setting the future for our health system. Our researchers have won awards, led grants and landmark studies, and remain a key differential between us and other hospitalist divisions across the nation. We have been, and will continue to be, essential in the future of this tremendous academic medical center.

And, as proud as we should all be of these accomplishments, what makes me proudest to be a hospitalist are not these things. I am proudest of being known to be one of you - the best in the health system, who I would trust above anyone else to think harder, care more deeply, and give of themselves fully, for the sake of our patients and each other. You epitomize what it is to be a hospitalist and what others simply aspire to be.

You all remain my inspiration and grounding for what I do – and please, take a moment to read the perspectives from other leaders in the health system about our division.


Thank You from Michigan Medicine Leadership!

David C. Miller, MD, MPH

David C. Miller, MD, MPH

President, University of Michigan Health

To all of our team members who practice hospital medicine, I thank you deeply for the compassion, dedication, expertise and teamwork you bring to caring for our patients. The last two years have been incredibly challenging, with both COVID-19 and non-COVID patient populations, and your commitment, leadership, and resolve has been truly exemplary throughout the waves of the pandemic. I have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for all you do for our patients and our teams. With gratitude, David Miller

Jeffrey S. Desmond, MD

Jeffrey S. Desmond, MD

Chief Medical Officer, University of Michigan Health

I would like to take the opportunity of National Hospitalists day to recognize and thank our Hospitalist team for all you do and have done for our patients and the organization. Over the last 2 + years of the COVID-19 pandemic you have certainly been first among those at the front line of care. Your dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the care of our patients has been unwavering despite the many challenges we have faced. Through the initial uncertainty of a novel disease, rapidly evolving care protocols, and myriad operational changes, you have excelled in providing efficient, compassionate, and expert care to our patients every day. The COVID19 pandemic has impacted all of us in healthcare, and in our personal lives. You, as hospitalists, have experienced first-hand the effect of this on our patients (both COVID and non-COVID) and their families. Throughout it all, you rose to the occasion, maintained focus and were exemplary role models and leaders in providing excellent care to all our patients. I am not sure of what new challenges lay ahead for us, COVID related or otherwise. However, I am confident that with you as a core part of our team we can not only overcome new challenges, but do so in way which makes us a stronger organization. Thank you!

John M. Carethers, MD, MACP

John M. Carethers, MD, MACP

Chair and Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

I am so proud of each and every one of our hospitalists at the University of Michigan. As we celebrate National Hospitalist Day 2022, I admire each person’s work ethic and superb care of our patients that come to the University of Michigan during “normal” times that make us a true leader in inpatient health care, as well as the many sacrifices each one has made to provide exemplary care during four surges of COVID-19. Our hospitalists are heroes!

Nancy May, DNP, RN, AMB-BC, NEA-BC


Chief Nurse Executive

Nursing is so grateful for the collaborative teamwork that happens on our units with the hospitalist daily. During our recent Magnet site visit, the appraiser teams commented about the strong interprofessional delivery model we have and the impactful way that our teams come together. The past two years have been a challenge with COVID and we could not have been as successful in managing care for COVID and non-COVID patients without the flexibility of our hospitalists. Active participation in daily huddles helped manage surges, complex care needs, and strong partnerships with our teams, patients and families. We are grateful for the clinical excellence and patient focused care you exhibit every day on campus as well as at our regional sites of care. You make a difference every day!

Jules Lin, MD

Jules Lin, MD

Associate Chief Clinical Officer, Cardiovascular and Neurosciences Services

We are truly grateful to our hospitalists for all your hard work and dedication to our patients through some of the most challenging times that we have seen as physicians. We thank you for the excellent care that you provide and for being on the front lines during the many COVID surges.

Kelly Malloy, MD, FACS

Kelly Malloy, MD, FACS

Associate Chief Clinical Officer, Surgical and Rehabilitation Services

I'm in awe of your service, leadership, stamina, and grace. We are so lucky to have you as colleagues and collaborators in the tough and terrific work that we do together for our patients. We (and yes, I do mean surgeons) would be lost without you, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Amy Brant, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC


Staff Specialist, Office of ACNO for Medical Services

Happy Hospitalist Day 2022! The hospitalists have such an important impact on our patients and teams. So very collaborative and innovative. Appreciate the relationships that are created and ways that you always partner with teams. Thanks for all that you do!

Marisa Streelman, DNP, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC

Marisa Streelman, DNP, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC

Staff Specialist, Nursing Surgical Administration

Hospitalists at Michigan Medicine are great partners with nursing. The way everyone jumped in to support patient care and COVID care has been amazing. Your teams were stretched across many units and even across hospitals to provide quality care for many patients. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and partnership! Enjoy Hospitalist Day 2022 - you deserve it!