Senior Student Research Presentations

Senior GTP students present their work to current and former GTP trainees at monthly, evening research seminars from September through April. This seminar series is a student-only event, provides an opportunity for incoming GTP students to interact with senior GTP students, and ensures that senior GTP students stay engaged in the Program.

2023-24 Schedule (all begin at 4pm)

  • September 7: Madison Fitzgerald - "The UreR Regulon Promotes Proteus mirabilis Fitness in the Urinary Tract"
  • October 12: Sheila Marte - "Defining the Molecular Mechanism of NARS1-Mediated Neurological Disease"
  • November 16: Rebecca Malcore - "Regulation of Sex-biased Gene Expression by the Ancestral Mammalian X-Y Gene Pair Kdm5c-Kdm5d"
  • December 14: Ethics Discussion - "Publication Ethics"
  • January 25: Sierra Mortimer - "Investigating the Potential Roles of Importin-7 and Importin-Beta in LINE-1 Retrotransposition"
  • February 29: Steve Ho - "Graph Neural Networks to Model Omics Features"
  • March 14: Christina Del Greco - "Investigating the Role of Seryl-tRNA Synthetase (SARS2) in Mitochondrial Biology and Human Recessive Disease"
  • April 11: Christa Ventresca - "The Methodological and Ethical Concerns of Genetic Studies of Same Sex Sexual Behavior"
  • May 23: Ethics Discussion - "Eugenics"


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