Student International Travel Authorization

UMMS and Global REACH support medical student engagement in educational and scholarly work abroad. At the same time, it is vital that the institution partner closely with students to ensure reasonable and necessary precautions are taken before and during travel.

Therefore, medical students planning to engage in international travel for clinical electives and/or research field work must obtain authorization from Global REACH.

WHO: All U-M Medical Students planning to travel outside the US for clinical electives and/or research field work. Travel for academic conferences is exempt unless the destination has been designated with a travel warning or restriction by the University. Personal travel is also exempt.

WHEN: Students should notify Global REACH for authorization at least 45 days prior to planned departure.

HOW: Complete an International Travel Authorization Form, providing information on the destination, anticipated dates of travel, host/partner institution, reason for travel, etc. The same form incorporates funding requests (view information about student funding opportunities through Global REACH). Our team will review and facilitate authorization. In select cases, we may request further information as circumstances warrant.

TIMELINE: Barring special circumstances (e.g., requests for further information), students can expect authorization within 7 days of submitting a Travel Authorization Form.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Failure to notify and obtain authorization for (UMMS-related) international travel may result in the filing of a Professionalism Development Report, as detailed in the UMMS Bulletin policy document.