May 29, 2020

Lauren Groskaufmanis, M.D. Receives Gorenflo Award

Lauren Groskaufmanis, M.D.

The 15th annual William Clippert Gorenflo award was presented to Lauren Groskaufmanis, M.D., M.P.H., a second-year U-M family medicine resident. 

Lauren grew up in northern Virginia and attended Duke University for medical school, where she was part of the Primary Care Leadership Track. Following graduation, she received a Master of Public Health from Virginia Commonwealth University with the purpose of strengthening her knowledge of statistics, epidemiology and research methods. 

Here at U-M, working with Elham Mahmoudi, Ph.D., assistant professor, Lauren’s current research project uses large datasets and predictive modeling to study health disparities and care for patients with disabilities, specifically, pediatric patients with hearing loss. 

“The objective of our study is to further elucidate the factors predictive of cochlear implantation among children diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and to determine if these factors are associated with longer durations between SNHL diagnosis and cochlear implantation,” shared Lauren. “With this work, I hope to help explore the demographics of pediatric cochlear implantation, evaluating if certain medical or sociodemographic factors are predictive of eventual cochlear implantation, or conversely, are associated with a longer duration until implantation. Given the importance that these devices can play in social and language development for pediatric patients — and the financial barriers that exist to implantation — this information will be important in assessing policy moving forward.” 

In the true spirit of the Gorenflo Award, Lauren shared, “my research experience has always left me feeling empowered that I can answer and address difficult and important questions facing my patients and my community. Research is something that I hope to continue throughout my residency and career.” 

Established by Daniel Gorenflo, Ph.D., in honor and memory of his father, the Gorenflo Award aims to provide incentive and reward for passion for research among medical students or residents who are engaging in research with a family medicine faculty member