Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What is Family Medicine?

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

An M2 event to learn about the broad scope of family medicine. You'll find yourself saying, "A family physician can do THAT?!" 

What is Family Medicine?

What kinds of awesome things can you do as a family medicine doctor?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our “virtual” What is Family Medicine? event where we have multiple practicing family doctors that will be sharing their stories and what they are able to do in their practices.

This event is part of the Transitions to Clerkships schedule and will be held via Zoom.


Laura Heinrich, M.D.

Laura Lee, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Assistant Residency Director, Ypsilanti Health Center
Elizabeth K. Jones, M.D.

Elizabeth K. Jones, M.D.

Associate Professor
Assistant Clerkship Director, Medical Student Education
Co-director, Family Medicine Residency Preparation Course
Eric P. Skye, M.D.

Eric P. Skye, M.D.

Associate Chair for Educational Programs
M-Home House Director, Medical School

Tamara B. Schmidt, M.D.

Family Physician

Susan J. Stevens, D.O.

Family Physician