Paul Sedem Komla Glover, MBChB

Class of 2017


Hometown: Akutukope-Adutor

Region: Volta

Medical School: M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, Ukraine

What made you choose EM as your specialty?  I chose EM because I like the intellectual stimulation and the adrenaline rush that comes with attending to an undifferentiated patient. I also enjoy the good mix of multiple specialties that comes with EM as well as the opportunity to do diverse minor and major procedures.

How can EM help Ghana?  I believe the development of EM provides a window of opportunity for re-organizing the healthcare system in Ghana and making it more efficient.  EM will definitely reduce the number of needless deaths from road traffic accidents and other emergencies that frequently occur.

What are your research areas of interest?  Medico-legal issues in EM care