Wilderness Medicine

Welcome to the University of Michigan Department of Emergency Medicine’s Wilderness Medicine site!  Our efforts here are to foster and spread the love of the outdoors in one of the best places to do so… Michigan!  

One of the reasons I personally love Wilderness Medicine is the egalitarian aspect of the outdoors and the broad array of interprofessional relationships and expertise that practice medicine in austere settings.  Here is a space that medical professionals and lay personnel of all backgrounds, skill-sets and experience levels can come together.  Mother Nature is equally loving and unforgiving to all of us, and our time outdoors can bring simultaneous immense inner peace and incredible challenge to all of us.

We a blessed with an amazing resource to foster and safeguard.  There are social and global threats all about us in our day-to-day lives, but the wild spaces are here for us to re-focus and gain perspective; they are places for us to come together and find joy in the numinous that is larger than any one of us.

We offer a medical student elective, a quarterly regional Grand Rounds for medical students, residents, fellows and faculty alike, as well as periodic AWLS and other life support offerings.  We offer ongoing medical education and have provided individualized instruction for other expeditionary departments within the University.  Please come join us in the future.

Here in Michigan, we have thousands of miles of coastline, 11,000 lakes, vast forests and wonderful access to snow sports, sand, sun and campfires.  We are fortunate to have nearly no natural disasters and ample time to experience all four seasons. Come join us in the wilderness, here in Michigan.

Brendan Byrne