Internal Medicine Curriculum

All rotations are in four week blocks, with a total of 13 rotations per year. 

First year:
Medical ICU: 3 blocks
Surgical ICU: 2 blocks
Emergency Critical Care Center: 3 blocks
Cardiac ICU: 1 block
Trauma/Burn ICU: 1 block
Neuro ICU: 1 block
Elective: 2 blocks

Second year:
Medical ICU: 3 blocks
Surgical ICU: 1 block
Emergency Critical Care Center: 3 blocks
Cardiovascular ICU: 1 block
Elective: 5 blocks

Year 2 is more flexible and can be tailored to the fellow’s career interests such as a research, education, or administrative track.  The fellow will also be given more autonomy in the Surgical ICUs when they rotate through during their second year.

The Critical Care Medical Unit (CCMU) is the “base” unit for the Internal Medicine-CC pathway.  In this 20-bed unit, care is provided by two teams, each consisting of a divisional faculty member and fellow, four house officers and fourth year medical students. The attending physician leads both patient care rounds and didactic teaching rounds daily with house staff and fellows. In addition to his or her clinical supervisory role, the fellow is also responsible for performing and/or supervising invasive procedures in the Unit, including bronchoscopy, endotracheal intubation, thoracostomy placement, etc.  The fellow will gain extensive experience with a variety of ventilators and monitoring techniques during this rotation.  The fellow will actively collaborate with the nursing staff to ensure optimal and efficient patient care throughout, and will also have the opportunity to evaluate patients who might be candidates for various ongoing clinical studies.  Fellows share call responsibilities during the day, providing pulmonary and critical care consultative services for acutely ill patients, and assisting house staff with the evaluations of newly admitted patients as well as those already on the CCMU service.

Total months in ICU:  11 first year, second year variable

Vacation:  4 weeks per year

Didactics: Conference schedules sponsored by the Department of Internal Medicine, other Departments, and our own Divisional conferences include:

  1. Core Pulmonary Clinical Conference: This weekly conference includes lectures from faculty within and outside of the Division covering the clinical aspects of the fellows training
  2. PCCM Case Conference and Journal Club: This weekly conference includes a case presentation and once a month a journal club.
  3. Research Conference: This weekly conference provides a formalized interactive educational series about the research activities among scientists with in the Division.
  4. Core Surgical Critical Care Conference: Weekly conference provided by the Department of Surgery related to clinical aspects of care of the critically ill surgical patient
  5. Lung Transplant Case Conference: Biweekly conference
  6. Tumor Board: Weekly Multidisciplinary Conference: Discusses approach to diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with nodules, lung and other thoracic tumors.
  7. Interstitial Lung Disease Case Conference: Weekly multidisciplinary conference discussing approach to diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with interstitial lung disease.
  8. VA Joint Pulmonary/Thoracic Conference:  Held at VAHS weekly.
  9. Pulmonary & Critical Care Board Review: Weekly review of pulmonary and critical care board related questions.

In addition, fellows are encouraged to attend the weekly Emergency Medicine didactic conference if their schedule permits.

Application process:  All applicants are encouraged to complete the prerequisite 6 months of IM rotations (including 3 months of medical ICU) prior to application.  All applicants should use ERAS and upload their information into the Pulm/CC program for the University of Michigan, at this time there is not a separate 2 year IM ERAS application.  If there are other questions, please email Drs. Chan and Gunnerson.

Program director: Kevin Chan, MD
Associate Program Director: Kyle Gunnerson, MD
Program coordinator: Patty Urban
Program Website