Geriatric Medicine

U-M Palliative Care

Our clinicians, researchers, educators, and staff in geriatric medicine are committed to helping older adults lead healthier and more satisfying lives. We achieve this by providing exemplary, multidisciplinary clinical care and services, employing outstanding educational opportunities, and advancing research on the complex health care issues of the elderly population.

Patient Care

We offer a full array of clinical services and programs as part of our mission to provide our community with the kind of comprehensive, innovative health care they deserve. Learn more.

Education & Training

The Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine offers several fellowship and training programs including our Geriatric Medicine Fellowship and Integrated Geriatric-Hospice and Palliative Medicine (Geri-HPM) Fellowship. Our faculty also provide extensive education and training to medical students and residents to enrich their knowledge in the field of aging. Learn more.


Our division has a proven and extensive track record of successfully obtaining federal, industry, and foundation funding to support our cutting-edge research. This funding has led to the development of multiple centers, institutes, and programs, all of which allow for exceptional opportunities for collaborative investigation and and new and improved approaches to caring for our patients. Learn more.