Our over 80 Graduate students work tirelessly looking for answers to science’s toughest questions, often with minimal financial support. We encourage you to make a contribution to help underwrite graduate student stipends, pilot research funding initiatives, and other associated costs such as travel to present at annual regional meetings and national conferences. 

Our M.S. student pool has grown, although they continue to be largely self-funded. The best and brightest among them move on to a Ph.D., and partial funding offers at the beginning of their journey with us can help to attract them to our Bioinformatics Graduate Program.

We continue our fundraising efforts for the Gilbert S. Omenn Lectureship in Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics to honor Dr. Omenn’s contributions to the establishment of CCMB and his continued leadership and vision for our department.

Please consider making a generous gift in support of this effort. Help us make history by contributing to this endowment campaign organized by one of the University’s newest and most promising Departments.