The University of Michigan Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Training Program (BIDS-TP) aims to train a cadre of data-savvy, computationally skilled, and highly motivated biomedical scholars through the development of an intellectually stimulating environment and implementation of an effective competency-based curriculum. To enhance their scientific, clinical, and translational abilities, all BIDS-TP students will be trained in collecting, managing, processing, interrogating, and analyzing large amounts of complex high-dimensional biomedical information with rigor and transparency.

Annually, the Program supports 8 fellows and up to 8 trainees (Half, year one and half year two). The BIDS-TP program represents a unique collaboration between the UM’s Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics (DCMB) and the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS). This partnership will provide immersive synergistic activities, translational education, transdisciplinary research projects, co-mentoring, and career development for all BIDS-TP trainees. Feeder graduate programs with eligible pre-doctoral trainees include DCMB and MIDAS doctoral students from engineering, mathematics, statistics, public health, and information sciences.

Over 40 UM faculty members from 8 UM Schools provide breadth and depth of scholarly co-mentoring, career coaching, and student-specific curriculum development. The competency-based BIDS-TP curriculum requires all trainees to complete the add-on MIDAS-administered and Rackham Graduate School-accredited graduate data science certificate program and actively participate in BIDS-TP workshops, seminars, and short courses on health analytics, biomedical informatics, and computational data science. The Program emphasizes foundational understanding of complex experimental designs, computational inference, data-driven decision-making, and advanced health analytics.