PhD/MS Dual Degree Program

Students who are interested in obtaining a Bioinformatics master’s degree, while pursuing a Ph.D. are strongly encouraged to consult with master's Program Director, Dr. Alla Karnovsky before applying for the program.

The deadline for applications is August 1. Students should apply for the program towards the end of their first year. Please check the department admissions page for a list of required materials to accompany the online dual degree application.

Please note that in addition to the course requirements students must have a bioinformatics-related chapter in their final dissertation. They are also required to have at least one DCMB faculty (primary or joint) on their dissertation committee, who will approve of the bioinformatics-related portion of the dissertation. Dual degree PhD/MS students will have their MS degree conferred in their final term, at the same time as their Ph.D. degree.

Dr. Karnovsky is the primary advisor for the Dual Degree Master’s Program. Students should make advising appointments with her while completing the program, to ensure all requirements are met.