Meet our DEI Team

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee meets regularly together and in break out teams to make significant improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion in our department and the Bioinformatics Graduate Program. 

Our DEI Team

Faculty Representatives

Maureen Sartor - [email protected]

DEI Interests: DEI lead, making DCMB and our Bioinformatics Graduate Program more diverse and inclusive overall by making DEI a top priority, serving as a faculty advocate for students who are marginalized in any way, and attending ABRCMS

Alan Boyle[email protected]

DEI Interests: Increasing student diversity, helping first generation graduate students, and attending SACNAS

Margit Burmeister[email protected]

DEI Interests: Retention and success for all students and helping student programs with outreach such as K-12 outreach to underrepresented communities

Lydia Freddolino - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Ensuring a safe, inclusive department for everyone; diversifying faculty recruitment. 

Alla Karnovsky - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Diversifying student recruitment, and helping students transition from undergraduate programs to the Master’s level. 

Jun Li - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Increasing diversity in academia. 

Jie Liu - [email protected]

Cristina Mitrea - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Promoting women in STEM. I serve as an advisor for DCMB’s Girls Who Code 

Student Representatives

Olivia Alge - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds, and serving as a student advocate

Maria Lawas [email protected]

Monica Holmes[email protected]

DEI Interests: To help build a community among Bioinformatics graduate students and to act as a liaison between students and faculty/staff

Staff Representatives

Aaron Bookvich - [email protected]

Kati Ellis - [email protected] 

Mary Freer - [email protected]

DEI Interests: Anti-racism efforts, increase young women opportunities in STEM

Elisabeth Paymal [email protected]

Jane Wiesner[email protected]

DEI Interests: Transparency of DEI information