Craig Galban

Craig Galban, Ph.D.

CCMB Affiliate Faculty
Director of Preclinical Imaging & Computational Analysis, UM Rogel Cancer Center
Professor, Radiology Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Interest

I am a Professor in the Radiology Department, with affiliated appointments in the Departments of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering. I have over 16 years’ experience with medical imaging with an emphasis on quantitative imaging techniques and image processing and analysis for applications in oncology and pulmonology. Since 2011, I have focused my research on the development and analysis of surrogate imaging markers for phenotyping pulmonary diseases. One of my significant contributions to pulmonary imaging is the development of parametric response mapping (PRM), which simultaneously quantifies small airways disease and emphysema in patients with COPD. My groups algorithms, such as PRM, have been integrated into the study design of various US multi-center clinical trials, such as COPDGene and SPIROMICS. In addition, I have patented analytical techniques for improved phenotyping of lung disease, and I have played a critical role in the funding, through my SBIR, and development of a commercial PRM product as an FDA-approved medical imaging device. My group has also made advances in thoracic radiology through the development of a deep learning CNN model for detection and quantification of air trapping on CT scans from school-aged patients with cystic fibrosis