Edward C. Norton, PhD

UnitedHealthcare Professor of Health Care Management, Department of Health Management and Policy
Professor, Department of Economics
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
Director of Quantitative Analytics, Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy


Prof. Edward Norton is an economist and the UnitedHealthcare Professor of Health Care Management in the departments of Health Management & Policy and in Economics. Before coming to the U-M, Prof. Norton taught at UNC-Chapel Hill and at Harvard Medical School. He earned his PhD in economics from MIT in 1990. He serves as the Director of Quantitative Analytics at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy. In this role he leads our Center in the development of curricula and experiential learning in quantitative methods and novel analytic techniques. 

Prof. Norton's research interests span a wide range of topics in health economics and applied econometrics. He is known for his work on nursing home quality of care, pay-for-performance, and applied econometrics. Recently, his research has covered diverse subjects including the economic consequences of obesity, health care report cards, and the use of biomarkers in social science research. His articles on interaction terms in logit and probit models changed how researchers estimate and interpret econometric models with interaction terms, a common issue.

Prof. Norton's research often uses advanced econometric methods, including log transformation and two-part expenditure models, interaction terms in nonlinear models, nonlinear simultaneous equations, dynamic panel data models, and Markov models.

In 2003, UNC-Chapel Hill awarded Prof. Norton the Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement by Young Faculty. Prof. Norton was the Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research at the University of Michigan.


Improving Cost-Benefit Analysis of Tobacco Regulation 5R03CA182990 (Norton, PI) 09/12/2013 - 08/31/2016 National Institute on Aging.  We propose to address the question: how should the FDA estimate the value of smokers' lost consumer surplus—that is, foregone enjoyment—associated with regulation-induced changes in smoking?

Scholars in Health Policy Research Program (Norton, PI) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is an interdisciplinary post-doctoral training program for recent PhDs in economics, political science and sociology in their early careers.  During their two years in the program, Scholars participate in an integrative 6-week seminar on health and health care issues, a research seminar series, individual mentoring, and independent research and scholarship with a focus on health policy.

MVC Michigan Value Collaborative (Miller, PI) Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Michigan. To work collaboratively with Michigan hospitals to improve cost and quality of care.

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