Ann Vitous, MA, MPH, CPH

Qualitative Research Analyst


I am an anthropologist at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy (CHOP) and Michigan Bariatric Surgical Collaborative (MBSC). I earned my MA in Applied Biocultural Medical Anthropology and MPH in Global Health Practice at the University of South Florida. My early work was strongly influenced by participatory approaches (PAR) and was split between examining the environmental impacts of tourism development in coastal communities and evaluating the impacts of food insecurity and healthcare decision making on the food insecure population in Tampa Bay, FL. Since arriving at CHOP in 2017, I have applied my background in ethnographic methods to topics focused on improving access to care and exploring the role of the surgeon in how clinical decisions are made. In addition to the work at Michigan Medicine, I also apply my skills in a leadership position with a coalition committed to advocating for immigrants’ rights in Washtenaw County.