Patient Care

Patients being treated by doctors
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The University of Michigan enjoys a reputation built on a history of firsts and bests, discovery and innovation and — when it comes to patient care — concern for the individuals and families we serve.

Our world-renowned patient care is provided by members of the Faculty Group Practice (FGP) — more than 1,700 physicians who practice in our three hospitals, approximately 40 health centers and 120 outpatient clinics throughout the state of Michigan.

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The FGP is committed to creating the future of health care through discovery of new knowledge for the benefit of patients and society, training the next generation of physicians and scientists, and serving the suffering.

In treating our patients, FGP physicians adhere to four core values:


The needs of the patient are our first priority; in our clinical practice, our research, and education of the next generation of physicians and scientists.


We recognize that we are better able to care for complex problems of patients through a team approach.


We build trust with our patients and each other by adhering to the highest ethical standards, with a commitment to honesty, transparency, confidentiality and respect.


Our mission is to create new knowledge to better serve our patients today and tomorrow.

By making these values our highest priority, our physicians create a more patient-centered experience that leads to better outcomes, and helps us realize our vision to be recognized as one of the top medical centers in the world based upon our contributions and service to the world community.